France still fines Google 100 million euros for cookies

France still fines Google 100 million euros for cookies

France’s Council of State (Conseil d’Etat), which plays the role of the country’s highest court for administrative matters, upheld the decision of the responsible regulator, according to which Google should be fined 100 million euros for violations related to the Cookie Directive.

Image source: Fotomix /

Image source: Fotomix /

According to the Council of State, the fine imposed by the National Commission for Information Rights and Freedoms (CNIL) is proportionate to the offence. “Therefore, the State Council rejects Google’s request to lift the sanction”, the agency said in a statement.

Recall that at the beginning of January it became known that the CNIL fined Google and Meta Platforms for violations related to cookies. According to the current legislation of the country, web services must not only warn website visitors about the use of cookies by resources, but also give them the opportunity to opt out of such tracking. In addition to fines being imposed, both companies were asked to rectify the violations within three months. Otherwise, the penalties increase by €100,000 for each day of delay: Users should be offered an easy way to refuse the use of cookies.


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