France in Age of Empires IV: Aggressive Cavalry and Economy Bonuses

Developers from the studio Relic Entertainment have released a new trailer for the upcoming strategy Age of Empires IV, dedicated to the French faction. When playing as this nation, players need to act quickly and decisively, relying on cavalry.

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An important feature of the nation in the game is the bonuses to the development of the economy. If the player builds the necessary buildings on the territory that is subordinate to the French fortress, then the production of the main combat units (archers, rangers and cavalry) will be cheaper.

The aforementioned cavalry is a key combat unit for the French – it allows you to carry out aggressive attacks on enemies already in the early stages of the game party. When planning a blitzkrieg, it is also important to rely on French crossbowmen and not forget about the cannons.

At the end of September, the authors of Age of Empires IV published a recording of a match where the Rus faction fought the Holy Roman Empire for 40 minutes.

Age of Empires IV goes on sale October 28 for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass). At the time of release, the game will feature eight unique nations and four campaigns.

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