France has lifted the ban on sales of the iPhone

France has lifted the ban on sales of the iPhone 12, but not in all regions

The French National Frequency Agency (Agence Nationale des Frequencies, ANFR) approved the measures taken by Apple to reduce the electromagnetic radiation of the iPhone 12. After the release of a new firmware that eliminated the excess registered by the regulator, the smartphones went back on sale in the country. But not completely. The decision to resume sales does not apply to the overseas departments of France.

A press release from the ANFR said that the ban “has been lifted in metropolitan France as of today,” “but remains in force in the overseas departments.” Regions outside the French metropolis are referred to as overseas departments. The ban remains in effect in French departments such as Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte and Réunion. According to the ANFR press release, “Apple plans to release a future (firmware) update for these territories by the end of this year.”

In fact, France still has a number of overseas departments, although, as ANFR reported, they “fall under different legal frameworks.” Therefore, it is unclear whether a ban on the iPhone 12 has been implemented in these areas or not. French newspaper Le Monde commented on the ANFR statement, noting that the iPhone 12 issue “does not pose a real health risk” and that Apple’s tests confirmed that the device meets the international industry standard.

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