France approves Apples proposed solution to iPhone 12 high radiation

France approves Apple’s proposed solution to iPhone 12 high radiation problem

French regulators have approved Apple’s proposed firmware update for the iPhone 12, which aims to reduce the device’s emissions. We found out that due to this problem, the smartphone is no longer at risk of a massive recall and final withdrawal from sale Reuters.

Earlier this month, French authorities ordered Apple to stop sales and “correct” previously released iPhone 12s to bring them into line with European electromagnetic radiation standards. The increased amount of radiation found by the regulator was likely due to software updates that Apple released after the device was released; No such anomalies were observed when the iPhone 12 went on sale in 2020.

The French National Frequency Agency (Agence Nationale des Frequencies, ANFR) has commissioned Apple “From September 12th, the iPhone 12‌ will be withdrawn from the French market because the model exceeds the limit” about the absorption of electromagnetic radiation by the user’s body. The agency recommended that Apple recall all iPhone 12s the company has ever sold in the country. Officials then added that although the radiation levels exceeded the accepted level, they were not dangerous and consumers could use their phones without fear of consequences.

Apple has announced that it will release a firmware update for the iPhone 12 that will resolve the issue. ANFR expressed a desire to test the software and determine whether the radiation of the device decreases after installation and promised to lift the obligation to suspend sales of the iPhone 12 when its technical performance returns to normal.


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