Framework releases modular Chromebooks for 999

Framework releases modular Chromebooks for $999

Framework and Google have announced the launch of the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition. Modular portable computers are rare, and such ChromeOS-based solutions may not have existed at all. While the positioning and audience of this device are yet to be decided, its appearance is definitely a step in the right direction to improve the serviceability of laptops in general.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

In terms of configuration options, the new Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition is similar to its Windows version, allowing you to choose the desired modules, ports and their location. User can optionally install USB Type-C, USB Type-A, microSD, HDMI, DisplayPort, Ethernet and more. You can also increase the RAM or replace the installed SSD with a larger one.

Plastic panels around the screen can also be replaced – they are attached to the frame with magnets and come in several colors. They can be easily installed and removed by yourself. Framework founder Nirav Patel says Chromebook Edition is “will be compatible with most parts released in the Framework Laptop ecosystem“.

The processor can be changed in the Windows version of the laptop, but nothing is said about the possibility of replacing it in the Chromebook Edition.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Framework

The Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition features a 13.5-inch 2256 x 1504 3:2 display and a 12th Gen Intel Core i5-1240P processor. There is a privacy switch to turn off the camera and microphones.

Pre-orders for the Chromebook Edition begin today in the US and Canada with a starting price of $999. The delivery of the products is planned for the beginning of December.


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