Framework has started mass production of the Laptop 13 modular

Framework has started mass production of the Laptop 13 modular laptop based on the AMD Ryzen 7040

Manufacturer of modular laptops Framework divided Latest news. The company spoke in particular about the current and future expansion of the sales region, and also noted the start of mass production of the Framework Laptop 13 modular laptop based on AMD Ryzen 7040 processors (Phoenix).

    Image source: Framework

Image source: Framework

Framework products are currently available in 13 countries. In the future, we plan to significantly expand the sales geography. The company announced that its laptops are now available to order in Taiwan. Framework points out that this is a particularly important event for them because it is where the production facilities, warehouse and a third of the team are located. In particular, the manufacturer is ready to offer Taiwanese buyers a standard Framework 13 model with 13th generation Intel Core processors, equipped with a keyboard with a traditional Chinese layout, and is also starting to take pre-orders for Framework 13 and Framework Laptop 16 accept models with AMD Ryzen 7040 (Phoenix) processors. . You can find out more about the second model here. Additionally, the Framework Marketplace is now available to residents of Taiwan.

The company also announced the start of mass production of the Framework Laptop 13 modular laptop with AMD Ryzen 7040 processors. The manufacturer has resolved the main problems with the assembly architecture of such laptops and software, which caused delays in the delivery of these laptop models. This week the company started mass production of motherboards for the specified laptop model in Taiwan. After that, the manufacturer begins assembling the devices, sends them to the warehouse and begins delivery to customers. Since launching the Framework Laptop 13, powered by 13th Generation Intel Core processors, Framework has doubled its manufacturing and logistics capabilities and is confident it can quickly address the backlog of pre-orders for its products.

When developing the Framework Laptop 13 with AMD Ryzen 7040 (Phoenix) processors, the manufacturer was confronted with a number of technical peculiarities. As with laptops with 11th and 12th generation Intel Core processors, the use of a modular design affects the system’s power consumption in active and standby modes when some expansion cards are connected to external ports. The laptop’s two rear internal slots are equipped with retimers that remain in a higher power state when using HDMI, DisplayPort or USB-A expansion cards. The company is actively working on new firmware for HDMI and DisplayPort to address this issue and is exploring options for the USB-A port. Additionally, the company encountered the issue that the OEM build of Windows 11 did not contain the necessary driver for AMD’s RZ616 Wi-Fi module. Framework prepares a short buyer’s guide that provides instructions on how to resolve this issue. Adapting the system to Linux goes smoothly. The Fedora 38 build works out of the box, while Ubuntu LTS requires a manual update to the latest kernel version.

The manufacturer is satisfied with the CPU performance and battery life of the Framework Laptop 13 version with AMD chips as well as the capabilities of the integrated graphics.

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