Frame smart glasses with multimodal AI Noa priced at 349

Frame smart glasses with multimodal AI Noa priced at $349

The startup Brilliant Labs presented Frame smart glasses on an open platform with multimodal AI, with which you can search the Web, translate text or conversation, generate pictures, etc.

  Image source: Brilliant Labs

Image source: Brilliant Labs

Weighing just 40g, the Frame uses the nRF52840 Cortex-M4F chip and features a 640 x 400 pixel color micro-OLED display that projects the image through a prism directly in front of the user. The image is displayed in a field of view of only 20°. By comparison, Xreal’s Air 2 Ultra has a 52° field of view. That is, the Frame user will see the image or text in a small window.

The smart glasses run a custom operating system that is “fully open source” and also supports the Noa app. The app includes an AI assistant that uses OpenAI for visual analysis, Whisper for translation, and Perplexity for web search. In an interview with Venture Beat, the company said Noa’s AI “learns and adapts to both the user and the tasks they are given.” Noa is free to use and has daily limits. The device can also be controlled using your voice.

The Frame package includes a camera with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels, a microphone, a 222 mAh battery and a Mister Power charger, which, when connected, adds a “nose” to the glasses.

Frame comes in three colors: black, gray and transparent. The price of the new item is $349. You can also add prescription lenses, which increases the price to $448. Frame smart glasses are now available for pre-order and will begin shipping on April 15.

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