Fractal Design recognized the marriage in the LSS lumen

Fractal Design recognized the marriage in the LSS lumen – they fail, which disrupts cooling

Fractal Design announced the discovery of a manufacturing defect in Lumen liquid cooling systems. The manufacturer drew attention to the problem after complaining to technical support from several owners of LSS data. All reported excessively high CPU temperatures when using these cooling systems.

    Image Credit: Fractal Design

Image Credit: Fractal Design

Tests have shown that some Lumen fluids use solder in aluminum heat sinks as well as other materials that can cause a chemical reaction upon contact with the coolant. Over time, this can lead to the accumulation of sediment in the LSS circuit, ultimately reducing its effectiveness.

The manufacturer notes that there are no such issues with the latest batches of LSS Lumens. However, the company has decided to withdraw Lumen’s liquid cooling systems from sale worldwide until they are 100% reliable. According to Fractal Design, its engineering team is working on a new version of the cooler and a new coolant formula.

For LSS Lumen owners who are facing the above problem, the company is ready to replace liquid cooling systems. However, this requires a waiting period of about six weeks. The manufacturer recommends owners of defective Lumen liquid cooling systems fill out an application to replace the LSS on Fractal Design official website. They will also be more specific about the timing of the replacement.

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