Foxconn will begin accepting orders for the Model C electric

Foxconn will begin accepting orders for the Model C electric crossover on October 18

Foxtron Vehicle Technologies, a division of well-known contract electronics manufacturer Foxconn, has already begun supplying its own Model T electric buses to Kaohsiung’s urban transit network in southern Taiwan, but plans to enter into contracts with the capital’s bus fleet in the future. The company will start taking orders for the Model C electric crossover starting October 18, and mass production will begin next year.

Image source: Foxconn

Image source: Foxconn

As the site said DigiTimes, Foxtron electric crossovers will be mass-produced in the first half of next year. Deliveries of Model T electric buses for the needs of the Kaohsiung Municipal Transportation Company began on March 3. In the future, Foxtron expects to participate in the renewal of Taipei’s public transportation fleet. The first electric buses of other brands appeared in the island’s capital back in 2018, now their number reaches 98 units, serving eight routes. Foxtron will be making its electric bus available for trial operation on one of the capital’s routes in the near future. Taipei authorities will increase the number of electric buses in service to 400 by the end of the year, and will replace the entire fleet of 3,500 buses with electric buses by 2030.

Foxtron sees the high degree of localization as an advantage of its Model T electric bus – by 2024 up to 90% of the components required for the production of batteries, electric motors and control systems are to be produced in Taiwan. Foxconn intends to set up a vertically integrated production of LFP-type traction batteries in Kaohsiung. They combine lithium and iron phosphate in their composition, so that they are largely protected against nickel price fluctuations. Batteries of this type are best used not only in low-cost electric vehicles for passenger cars but also in commercial vehicles because they have a longer service life than nickel-based batteries. Foxtron will unveil two more new electric car models before the end of the year, and the luxury Model E will begin mass production in 2024.


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