Foxconn Shenzhen companies are allowed to work until Sunday but

Foxconn Shenzhen companies are allowed to work until Sunday but with strict quarantine rules

A coronavirus infection outbreak in Shenzhen, China, forced local authorities to declare a lockdown in the city of 17 million, it was revealed earlier this week. Foxconn was forced to halt operations in the region, but permission to resume partial operations is only valid until next Sunday.

Image source: China Daily/Reuters

Image source: China Daily/Reuters

A mandatory requirement of the authorities acc Reuters Referring to Foxconn’s official correspondence, the organization of work in companies remains on the principle of “isolation in a bubble”. Employees must always go from their workplace to the nearby dormitories and back again. Any contact with the rest of the outside world is excluded. These requirements apply up to and including Sunday, with the possibility of a further extension.

Foxconn officials have already begun to express concern that isolating employees under this program will mean that Shenzhen companies will not be able to work at full capacity, which will impact the company’s revenue . Third-party experts said earlier this week that in Shenzhen, only one of the two companies affected by restrictions is involved in the iPhone release and is responsible for a maximum of 10% of Apple’s annual smartphone output.


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