Fortnite is back on iOS devices thanks to the GeForce

Fortnite is back on iOS devices thanks to the GeForce Now streaming service

Fortnite is back on iOS today. No, the game has not been restored to the App Store from which it was removed last August for violating store rules. iPhone and iPad owners can dive back into battles thanks to the GeForce Now service, which today launched a beta test of the game streaming version.

Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

NVIDIA and Epic Games promise Fortnite will return to iOS thanks to GeForce Now running through the Safari browser. This is currently the only way to enjoy game streaming services on Apple mobile devices. Technically, Fortnite is already available on GeForce Now for Android users, but this version of the game is a streaming copy of regular Fortnite. The new beta, tested by NVIDIA and Epic Games, is optimized for mobile devices. It features touch controls identical to those used in the stock Android and iOS versions.

NVIDIA announced that registration for the beta test will begin today, with select members gaining access to the game later in January. The company says the Fortnite studies will be time-limited, but hasn’t said how long they will last.

Remarkably, NVIDIA is the only cloud gaming service that Epic Games offers customers with access to Fortnite. As revealed during a legal battle between Apple and Epic, the developer is deliberately preventing Microsoft from offering Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) amid fears the latter will compete with its own offerings for PC gamers. Additionally, hosting a Fortnite stream via Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS would require Epic to pay Microsoft a 30 percent fee, which Epic believes is very similar to Apple’s fee that caused the lawsuit. Regarding the partnership with NVIDIA, Epic doesn’t give them a penny from in-game purchases that players make on the streaming version of Fortnite.

Epic and NVIDIA have not yet announced when the new streaming version of Fortnite will be available to the general public. Of course, streaming through a browser is hardly comparable to a full-fledged game for iOS, but for now it’s the best possible solution.

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