Former PlayStation boss thinks PS5 exclusive budgets will hit $ 200 million

Portal Bloomberg interviewed former head of SIE Worldwide Studios (PlayStation Worldwide Studios now) Shawn Layden. The conversation touched upon the cost of new projects for the PlayStation 5 from internal Sony studios. The ex-leader believes that the flagship exclusives’ budgets could rise to $ 200 million. And this will become a problem.

Sean Leiden, Image Source: Push Square

Sean Leiden, Image Source: Push Square

According to Sean Leiden, “Development seems to double in price with the release of each [нового поколения] platforms “… He noted that during his reign, the budgets of some recently released PS4 games reached $ 100 million. “If we cannot stop the rise in value, all we can do is try to mitigate the risks. This puts you in a position where making sequels seems most beneficial. “– continued Sean Leiden. According to the ex-head, in the days of PS5, budgets will exceed $ 200 million, and then they will continue to grow exponentially.

Image source: Sony

Image source: Sony

Recall: earlier Sean Leiden expressed a desire to return to AAA games for 12-15 hours. He believes that developers are deliberately stretching the duration of their projects and abandoning interesting ideas, as buyers expect to receive a lot of content for $ 60.

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