Former BioWare Writer Expresses Concerns About Mass Effect Series

Former BioWare Writer Expresses Concerns About Mass Effect Series

Former BioWare Lead Writer David Gaider on my microblog commented on information about Amazon’s plans to film Mass Effect in the form of a series.

Image source: Electronic Arts

Image source: Electronic Arts

Recall that in a recent interview with Deadline, Amazon Studios CEO Jennifer Salke mentioned that the company “Close to completion of the transaction”, which is going to release a show based on Mass Effect.

According to Gaider, he is happy with Amazon Studios’ decision to make Mass Effect a TV show rather than a movie, but the very idea of ​​adapting a role-playing series “Just a little jarring” screenwriter.

According to Gaider, there are several problems: firstly, the protagonist is in itself “rather boring” – will have to acquire character. In addition, a male or female hero will alienate those playing as a character of the opposite gender.

Secondly, the creators of the show will not have the opportunity to fit into one story all the companions they love: “Think of the fierce howls when Comrade X is relegated to a cameo or not added at all.”

Gaider added that he does not consider the main plots of the Mass Effect games to be the pinnacle of scripting, and it would be a mistake to focus on this in the series (sacrificing associates, for example).

At the same time, Gaider sees an indirect adaptation of Mass Effect as the best option for the show, however, the authors in any case will have to make a film adaptation not only for fans, but also for viewers unfamiliar with the franchise.

“In a sense, this series should answer the question of what Mass Effect is … and that means making something recognizable. Repetition of truths that fans already know and are likely to take badly. “, – Gaider warned.

At the same time, the writer of the first two Mass Effect Drew Karpyshyn and composer of the trilogy Sam Hulick expressed their willingness to participate in the production of the show on their social networks.

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