Ford will equip electric vehicles with a socket for Tesla

Ford will equip electric vehicles with a socket for Tesla charging stations

The decision to open up access to the network of Tesla-branded charging stations to other brands of electric vehicles was made last year, but with the emergence of Ford Motor, which ranks second in the US electric vehicle market, it has good things to say prospects for practical implementation. From 2025, Ford electric vehicles will be factory fitted with a NACS connector compatible with Tesla charging stations.

    Image source: Ford Motor

Image source: Ford Motor

Until then, Ford EVs, like other brands, will rely on adapters to use Tesla Supercharger-branded charging stations, which both companies are happy to make available to customers at an additional cost. How much such an adapter will cost is not specified, but by Elon Musk assuredthat the price will not be “unaffordable”. Previously, Tesla also allowed third-party automakers to use the NACS charging connector in hopes of making it the industry standard, at least in North America. It appears that Ford Motor, Tesla’s closest competitor in the US market, will be the first to exercise this right.

As explained by Ford Motor representatives, to access the network of brand charging stations, the brand’s electric vehicles need to update the on-board software and pay for an adapter. Its availability will give Ford electric vehicle owners in the US and Canada access to more than 12,000 Tesla-branded charging stations, not to mention the more than 10,000 BlueOval charging stations. Officially, owners of Ford electric cars will have access to the Tesla Supercharger network from next year. Electric vehicles on the new platform are expected to roll off the Ford assembly line as early as 2025, initially equipped with a compatible NACS charging connector that Tesla cars are also equipped with. Now Ford electric vehicles are equipped with a CCS connector.

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