Ford to set up a service department for electric vehicle charging stations

Ford came up with a simple idea to improve the reliability of its electric vehicle chargers in the United States. The company’s general manager for electric vehicles, Darren Palmer, said that Ford will have specialists to check and maintain charging stations as signals from electric vehicles or from user posts on social media are received.

Source: theverge.com

Source: theverge.com

Details of this project are not yet available, but Mr. Palmer is confident that it will be launched before the release of the electric Ford F-150 Lightning, which is slated for 2022. According to the idea, charging station service specialists will move from one facility to another during the working day and determine the causes of possible malfunctions. At the moment, Palmer specified, many stations have already been deployed across the country, but some of them are already outdated and cannot provide the level of quality and reliability that Ford needs.

The carmaker, like other big brands, is seriously aiming to switch to electric vehicles, and he understands that charging infrastructure is necessary for their comfortable operation. Rather than deploying it on its own, as Tesla did, the company launched the FordPass Charging Network with 13,500 stations across the country in partnership with core companies Electrify America and ChargePoint. However, it is already becoming obvious that the quality of service between different service providers can be very different, and the owner of an electric car may not find the right charger the first time.

Therefore, the automaker, in the absence of its own network of stations, decided to attract additional staff to further customize the equipment as part of partner projects.

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