For the PlayStation 5 SSD they released a cooling system

For the PlayStation 5 SSD, they released a cooling system that uses the console’s fan

The German manufacturer of cooling systems GRAUGEAR has presented an unusual cooling system for M.2 NVMe SSDs that are built into PlayStation 5 game consoles with a device called the G-PS5HS01-Cov.

    Image Credit: GRAUGEAR

Image Credit: GRAUGEAR

The novelty consists of two radiators connected by a flat heat-conducting copper tube with a diameter of 7 mm. The larger heatsink, along with thermal pads, mounts directly to the SSD installed in the corresponding M.2 slot in the set-top box. In this case, there is a smaller radiator next to the ventilation openings of the cooling system of the set-top box itself. Thus, the smaller cooler of the G-PS5HS01-Cov cooling system receives airflow and dissipates heat.

The manufacturer states that its solution is 50% more efficient than traditional compact heatsinks for M.2 drives and can reduce the operating temperature of the SSD storage controller by 15-20°C.

The weight of the G-PS5HS01-Cov cooling system is 70 grams. The manufacturer did not specify the cost of the novelty or the date when it went on sale.

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