For security reasons Microsoft prohibits its employees from using ChatGPT

For security reasons, Microsoft prohibits its employees from using ChatGPT

Microsoft has temporarily banned its employees from using ChatGPT “for safety reasons”became known CNBC. Company management announced the new rule for an internal resource and access to ChatGPT from company devices was blocked.

Banning employee access to ChatGPT and other chatbots has been practiced – at least not encouraged – by other companies before, but a similar decision by Microsoft seems somewhat unexpected given the special relationship between the software giant and the company that developed the chatbot, OpenAI. Last year, Microsoft invested $3 billion in OpenAI and this year entered into an agreement with the startup in which it committed to investing an additional $10 billion in the coming years. The AI ​​model created by OpenAI powers the Bing chatbot and many other Microsoft products, but all these considerations did not stop the company from introducing a ban.

Management admitted that Microsoft really “has invested in OpenAI and ChatGPT has built-in protections to prevent abuse, but the website [ChatGPT]However, it is an external third-party service.. In this regard, the company’s employees are recommended “Be careful”and this also applies to other external services, including the Midjourney image generator.

However, the ban did not last long and shortly after the incident was made public, Microsoft restored employees’ access to the chatbot by changing the text of the statement on the internal resource. A company representative said that the ban was introduced by mistake, despite directly mentioning ChatGPT – access was restored as soon as management realized the error. “We were testing a workplace control system for a large language model and accidentally activated it for all employees. As previously mentioned, we encourage employees and customers to use Bing Chat Enterprise and ChatGPT Enterprise, which provide the highest levels of privacy and security.”added the Microsoft representative.


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