For Good and Evil Forspoken leaves critics confused

For Good and Evil: Forspoken leaves critics confused

On the eve of tomorrow January 24th, the release on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store, EGS) and PS5, Forspoken, an open-world role-playing action game from Square Enix and developers Luminous Productions, received the first ratings of the Western Press .

    Image Credit: Square Enix

Image Credit: Square Enix

Recall that the plot “lost everything” Girl Frey Holland is transported from New York to the magical land of Atia. The heroine must master magical skills, save the inhabitants of this region, find out their fate and return home.

The world of Forspoken seemed intriguing and unusual to many reviewers, and the characters that lived in it were quite interesting. The picture, in the eyes of some critics, is marred by a predictable story, issues with the story’s pacing, and unsuccessful dialogue.

    Reviewers warn that combat can get boring by the end of the run

Reviewers warn that combat can get boring at the end of the run

Almost unanimously, the reviewers praise the magical parkour – the movement mechanics are described as one of the highlights of Forspoken – and also pay tribute to the combat system (spells, pumping, bosses).

Forspoken’s downsides include an open template world, an uncomfortable camera, performance issues, and graphical glitches. This is offset by the competent use of DualSense, fast downloads and a pleasant soundtrack.

    Forspoken is reportedly teeming with cats, a plus point for some reviewers.

Forspoken is said to be teeming with cats, a plus point for some reviewers.

Forspoken has collected about 60 reviews on the aggregator site Metacritic, and all of them relate to the version for PS5 – on personal computer The game was not allowed to be reviewed. The rating of the project at the time of publication of the material is 68 out of 100%.

The press agreed that the Forspoken universe had potential. Due to some scenario and design decisions, it was not possible to fully implement it, but the game can still bring joy.

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