Footage of the first working build of streamer Dr Disrespects

Footage of the first working build of streamer Dr Disrespect’s deadrop shooter has surfaced online

Studio Midnight Society, created by popular streamer Dr. Disrespect (Herschel Beam IV) announced the name of the previously announced first-person PvP shooter – Deadrop. At the same time, videos of the first gameplay of users who bought NFTs began to appear on YouTube.

    Crash.  Image Credit: Midnight Society

Crash. Image Credit: Midnight Society

The released gameplay footage is part of the Midnight Society’s plan to involve the community in the development of the project. Users who purchase the Founders Access Pass (in the form of NFTs) have access to a production build of Deadrop. As the studio explained, players can lead the team and give their opinions about the shooter, including testing the reload time and recoil model on the range, as well as participating in the first PvP battles.

The Midnight Society also stated that it intends to partner with select influencers and then work closely with them to release the game of their dreams.

In addition to Dr. Disrespect itself includes studio head Robert Bowling and creative director Quinn DelHoyo in the Midnight Society’s leadership. Bowling, known as Fourzerotwo in the Call of Duty community, was a former creative strategist and community manager at Infinity Ward. Delhoyo has spent the last nine years at 343 Industries, where he was the lead designer on the Halo Infinite sandbox.


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