Focus on the release of the puzzle adventure Chants of

Focus on the release of the puzzle adventure Chants of Sennaar – a reimagining of the myth of the Babylonian pandemonium

Publisher Focus Entertainment announced has teamed up with independent French studio Rundisc to release its upcoming puzzle adventure Chants of Sennaar.

    Image source: Runddisc

Image source: Runddisc

Chants of Sennaar takes place in a world inspired by the myth of the Babylonian Pandemonium. The peoples of the tower do not speak to each other, but one day a wanderer will come who will find the strength and wisdom to restore balance.

become user “go through the endless steps of an amazing maze”solve puzzles and uncover the mysteries of a world where ancient languages ​​are lock and key.

As a result of the agreement, Focus Entertainment recognized that the communication difficulties are more relevant than ever and the company is pleased to support Runddisc in its quest for universal understanding.

Songs of Sennaar was presented Late March this year and still has no list of target platforms. The developers don’t mention any release dates either, but assure that they won’t have to wait long.


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