Flexible smartphones Google Pixel Fold began to break the day

Flexible smartphones Google Pixel Fold began to break the day after the start of sales

A smartphone with a flexible Google Pixel Fold display went on sale this week. The very next day after the first devices arrived at buyers, complaints about problems with the flexible display Pixel Fold, which costs $ 1,799, began to appear on the Internet.

    Image Credit: Ron Amadeo / Ars Technica

Image Credit: Ron Amadeo / Ars Technica

According to the source, Ars Technica portal employee Ron Amadeo was one of the first to encounter the problem. He said that when the device was opened, a tiny particle of something appeared to have fallen into the gap between the frame and the main display’s protective layer. When the device was folded, this particle literally got stuck in the display, which ultimately led to the panel no longer working. The smartphone fell into disrepair after just four days of careful use.

Another Pixel Fold owner reported on the Reddit platform about the appearance of small dents in the same area of ​​the screen. Another owner of the smartphone reported that the protective layer was peeling off and a scratch was visible on the smartphone after just a few days. Another customer reported that a pink line appeared on the main display after a few hours of use. Of course, as sales of the flagship smartphone increase, so can the number of complaints from buyers.

Currently, Google Pixel Fold invites users who encounter issues to contact the company’s support team for clarification. In addition, Google wants to enable users to repair their smartphone themselves using special tools from iFixit. But how many people are willing to risk an $1800 machine?

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