Fixed Nintendo Switch stick drift issue but not involving Nintendo

Fixed Nintendo Switch stick drift issue but not involving Nintendo

The problem of Joy-Con stick drifting on Nintendo Switch handheld game console has been known for a long time. It is expressed in the fact that the controllers fix false alarms even if the player does not touch the joystick. For several years, Nintendo tried to solve the problem, but didn’t have much success. Now Gulikit has released a set of interchangeable joysticks, which, as the manufacturer promises, will once and for all normalize the operation of the console.

    Image source: Gulikit

Image source: Gulikit

Many Switch console owners sooner or later face the problem of Joy-Con sticks drifting. While Nintendo offers free joystick repairs and also sells replacement stick sets, that doesn’t completely solve the problem. Even if the sticks are swapped out, the drift problem will come back over time. It is noteworthy that the problem also affects new versions of Switch consoles, although the developers have reported that they have made some improvements to the design of the device.

Gulikit’s replacement joysticks reportedly use similar technology to that used in Sega’s Saturn 3D and Dreamcast controllers to provide drift resistance. The sensors use magnets to detect movement of the joystick. This means that none of the components come into contact with others and do not wear out during operation. The standard Joy-Con sticks use potentiometers that wear out over time, causing the controller to start recording false alarms. Gulikit’s alternative doesn’t have this drawback, so it can be a good replacement for the standard Joy-Con sticks.

Replacement joysticks from Gulikit were sold on Amazon for $29.70. They come with a screwdriver, spare screws, tweezers, and a plastic spatula needed during the component replacement process. While users will have to replace the sticks themselves, Gulikit’s new product could end a years-long problem that Nintendo couldn’t finish solving.

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