Fisker promises to deliver a long range electric car by August

Fisker promises to deliver a long-range electric car by August 2023

The American electric vehicle developer Fisker relies on its contractual partners when manufacturing vehicles. So far, the range of the revived brand includes only two crossovers, Ocean and PEAR, which are to be produced by Magna and Foxconn respectively, but at the end of summer 2023 the third Fisker electric car called Ronin, belonging to the GT class , will debut.

    Image Credit: Electrek, Fisker

Image Credit: Electrek, Fisker

Similar positioning impliesthat the electric car of the new model will make it possible to cover long distances without recharging, with sufficiently high speed and maximum comfort. The formal announcement of the Fisker Ronin is scheduled for August 2023, with mass production slated to begin in the second half of 2024. The company also strives to achieve the highest range in the industry, hoping to make this model the carrier of all the most advanced developments. As in previous years, the traction battery is integrated into the power structure of the body. A special door design is also promised, making it easier to get in and out. For a squat electric car, judging by the sketch, this is very important. Finally, the materials used for the interior design meet the requirements of vegans for the protection of the environment and animals.

Keep in mind that the closest Fisker electric car to starting mass production is the Ocean crossover, which Magna is scheduled to start producing from November this year. The cheaper Fisker PEAR crossover will be produced by Foxconn from 2024, so it will probably be launched at the same time as the new Ronin model. It is not yet clear which of the contractors will take on the production of a “long-range” electric vehicle.

I have to say that competitors are quite interested in this type of vehicle. You can remember too Tesla roadster the second generation, which not only promises excellent speed performance, but also a range of more than 800 km. Mercedes-Benz recently proved in practice that it is possible to build electric vehicles with a range of around 1000 km without bulky and overly large traction batteries. Finally the flagship version of Lucid Air combined a range of over 800 km with a power plant capacity of 933 hp, and such machines are already being delivered in series. British brand Lotus, backed by China’s Geely, won’t lag behind, but their electric cars in this class won’t hit the market until 2023 at the earliest.


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