First patch for New World tightens AFK rules and fixes bugs

Amazon Games studio has updated its popular novelty New World, which was played by more than 900 thousand people at the same time on October 3. With the first patch, the developers began to struggle with large queues on the servers. For this, the authors have toughened the check for AFK (away from keyboard, user inaction) – now it will be faster to throw such characters into the main menu.

Source: New World

Source: New World

The inactivity warning will appear after 15 minutes (was 20), and the player will be disconnected from the server after 20 minutes (was 25). Also, the system can no longer be fooled by simulating mouse movement. To prevent players from accidentally leaving the queue, a window has been added to confirm the exit.

The patch also improved the respawn of opponents in some events, removed the crashes associated with connecting to Twitch, and also fixed bugs in a number of quests. The full list of changes can be found on the official page games.

Amazon also stressed that New World is completely safe for graphics cards. Several users have previously complained that their GeForce RTX cards crashed while playing the new MMO. The most often mentioned devices were EVGA, which recognized a marriage in a small number of video cards. Now Amazon again spoke with a statement, commenting on messages that the problem persists.

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