First I decided this was a real shoot Players were

“First I decided this was a real shoot”: Players were impressed with Counter-Strike’s fan-made remake of Dust 2 on Unreal Engine 5

April’s demonstration of the realistic shooter Unrecord, imitating the camera of a personal video recorder, impressed not only the players, but also potential developers – the blogger Nic decided to recreate in a similar style to the famous Dust 2 map from Valve’s online shooter series Counter-Strike.

    Image source: Nick

Image source: Nick

In a recently posted video, less than a minute long, Nic demonstrates his version of Dust 2 powered by Unreal Engine 5. The enthusiast creates a realistic variant of the popular map using the same personal video recorder camera emulation that Unrecord became famous for.

Although incomplete, Nic’s prototype already looks impressive: the lighting is superior to that of CS:GO and even the upcoming Counter-Strike 2 on Source 2, high-quality textures are presented and the natural movements of the chest camera coupled with a high level of graphics ensure a realistic effect.

The performance was not without flaws either: the enemies lack AI and animation, hands fall through the body, the sound does not always behave appropriately. However, despite the shortcomings, the remake’s performance impressed gamers. “At first I thought it was real shooting, but it turned out to be a game? What!!?” – I can not believe it Maker Mohammed.

The described video of Nic’s Dust 2 Remake is already the second on his channel. Released last week video clip replete with a large number of technical roughnesses. In addition, the blogger seems to be making his own in parallel realistic shooter with a view of a personal video recorder.

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