Firefox browser for Android gets full support for third party

Firefox browser for Android gets full support for third-party extensions

The mobile version of the Firefox web browser for Android gets full support for extensions. While only a limited number of extensions are currently supported, developer Mozilla plans to launch an open extension ecosystem before the end of the year.

    Image source: Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay

Image source: Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay

According to developer Mozilla, the Android version of the Firefox web browser will soon support an open ecosystem of extensions. This allows users to customize the browser with a variety of third-party add-ons. The exact release date for this feature has not yet been announced, but according to Mozilla it will be later this year. Details will be announced next month.

Extension support has been around in Firefox for Android for many years, but since 2020, when the app was completely redesigned, compatibility has dropped significantly. Since then, fewer than two dozen extensions have been officially supported. While it’s technically possible to run any extension for the desktop version of Firefox in a mobile app, a special menu needs to be enabled to do so. However, Mozilla warns that this option is intended for developers and advanced users and may produce unpredictable results.

There is a lot of creativity in the mobile browser space. Mozilla aims to provide maximum support for developers to create modern extensions”, – said Firefox development manager Giorgio Natili (Giorgio Natili). The company’s blog provides developers with a list of instructions to make their extensions work properly on Android.

Although Mozilla names Firefox as a major browser for Android, its market share is negligible compared to the market leader, Chrome. As of July 2023, Chrome holds nearly 65% ​​of the total mobile web browser market (including iOS). Firefox’s market share is only 0.5%.

The return of full extension support for Firefox for Android could be a pivotal moment for Mozilla as it tries to increase its share of the mobile browser market. While Chrome continues to dominate, innovations and improvements, such as support for Firefox extensions, can offer users compelling alternatives and increase competition in this space.

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