Finally you can play The modder replaced all ships in

“Finally you can play”: The modder replaced all ships in Starfield with Thomas the Tank Engine

The time has come. Starfield received the most important modification in the history of all Bethesda role-playing games. As usual, she equips the game with replicas of Thomas the Tank Engine from the children’s animated series “Thomas and Friends”.

    Image source: Nexus Mods (Trainwiz)

Image source: Nexus Mods (Trainwiz)

The evil creation is called Really Useful Starfield, belongs to Nexus Mods users under the thematic pseudonym Trainwiz, and transforms all ships from the game into Thomas the Tank Engine.

“For his crimes against God and the invention of murder, Thomas was punished. Rejected by Hell and with no chance of entering Heaven, the Engine is doomed to wander among the stars forever, unable to satisfy his bloodlust and find peace in his heart.reads the description of the mod.

Since ships in Starfield are made of individual parts and it was too difficult to convert them all into a single model, Trainwiz built a kind of Thomas-shaped cocoon around each starship’s reactor.

Since Thomas’s model had to swallow any ship, it had to be built huge. This will make working in the ship editor and third-person space combat more difficult. “Life is not always fair”“Trainwiz replies.

The Really Useful Starfield mod is available on the website Nexus mods. To install, you need to extract the files to the Data folder in the game directory, also create the StarfieldCustom.ini file for Starfield under “Documents” and add the following lines there:


IN Comments Users are happy about the long-awaited restoration of the balance of the universe and thank Trainwiz for the work done. “Finally we can play”writes user Briala.

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