Final Fantasy XVI has already gone gold although its almost

Final Fantasy XVI has already gone gold, although it’s almost three months away from release

Publisher and developer Square Enix in the official microblog of their highly anticipated role-playing game Final Fantasy XVI reported about reaching an important stage in the production of the project – sending it to gold.

    Image Credit: Square Enix

Image Credit: Square Enix

Gilding means that the main part of the game’s development is complete (patching is a separate process) and the release version master disk is ready for printing and/or uploading to digital distribution services.

As a rule (Cyberpunk 2077 is an exception), sending a project to Gold guarantees the immutability of the announced release date – Final Fantasy XVI is expected to be released on PS5 in almost three months, on June 22nd.

Square Enix in the June release of Final Fantasy XVI is more than certain. According to project producer Naoki Yoshida, the transfer is only possible if “A meteorite will fall on Japan”.

“Final Fantasy XVI has been certified Gold. On behalf of the entire team, incl [пса] Torgala, we hope you’re looking forward to the release of Final Fantasy XVI on June 22.”– say the developers, shown in the attached photo with a toy Torgal.

    The dog Torgal will be one of the companions of the protagonist

The dog Torgal will be one of the companions of the protagonist

The events of Final Fantasy XVI will unfold in the fantasy world of Valisteia, whose future fate is threatened by filth and the fading light of primordial crystals that humans have blessed with Aether.

Officially, Final Fantasy XVI was only announced for PS5. The exclusivity lasts for six months, but after this period the game will no longer be released for PC. A public demo is expected before the June release.

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