File Explorer in Windows 11 can be speeded up drastically

File Explorer in Windows 11 can be speeded up drastically – you need to toggle full screen mode on and off

File Explorer in Windows 11 is not particularly fast, but thanks to an unknown feature of the program, a way was found to speed it up drastically – you need to enable and disable full screen mode. This method was reported by the user of the social network X under the nickname Vivi.

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To speed up the work of “Explorer” in Windows 11, it is enough to open the program and press the “F11” function key twice in a row to activate and deactivate full-screen mode. This will immediately start File Explorer loading the contents of each folder and display thumbnails of the files just as quickly. The search function is also accelerated.

The relevance of this non-standard method of speeding up File Explorer is confirmed by reports in the community Reddit. Platform users report that the method works in all builds of Windows 11 – this applies to both official releases and preview builds.

There is no exact information as to why this happens and no side effects are known. According to one version, when switching to full-screen mode, Windows 11 disables some options for file indexing in Explorer, thanks to which the contents of folders load at lightning speed.

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