FIFA Wants Double EA Money to Use Its Brand

According to the New York Times, the international football federation FIFA wanted to double the license cost when making a deal with Electronic Arts for using its name in the FIFA game series. Perhaps this is why the company decided to change it.

Source: Electronic Arts

Source: Electronic Arts

“According to people in the middle of the negotiations, FIFA is pushing for double what it currently receives from EA Sports, a figure that will increase its streak payout to over $ 1 billion for every four-year FIFA World Cup cycle.”– says the New York Times.

There is also disagreement between the companies over what the new deal should cover. FIFA, for example, would like to reduce the exclusive rights of Electronic Arts in order to take advantage of new revenue opportunities. In contrast, the game publisher wants to expand the use of the FIFA brand to other potential businesses such as NFT.

Source: Electronic Arts

Source: Electronic Arts

The current deal between Electronic Arts and FIFA will expire at the end of 2022, but negotiations for an extension are likely to conclude this year. The game developer looks set to move on without the FIFA branding. The company said last week that it is considering renaming the franchise. In addition, EA registered the EA Sports FC trademark earlier this month.

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