FIFA uses artificial intelligence to determine offside at the 2022

FIFA uses artificial intelligence to determine offside at the 2022 World Cup

FIFA has announced that the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will use an AI-enabled system to help referees determine offside positions more accurately.

    Image Source: The Edge

Image Source: The Edge

The semi-automated system includes a sensor in the ball that transmits its position on the field at a frequency of 500 times per second and 12 surveillance cameras installed under the stadium’s roof. The system uses machine learning to track 29 points on players’ bodies with cameras.

The software makes it possible to determine the offside position based on this data. If a violation is detected, the system sends a notification to the control room to the FIFA representatives, who notify the referee on the pitch.

    Image source: FIFA

Image source: FIFA

FIFA says the whole process will take time “a few seconds”so “Offside decisions can be made faster and more accurately.” The data generated by the cameras and the ball is also used to create automatic animations that can be played on stadium screens and television broadcasts. “to keep all viewers as clear as possible” why it was offside.

In a press statement, FIFA Referees Committee chairman Pierluigi Collina said the new system would make this possible “faster and more accurate solutions”, and also stressed that controlling the course of the game is still not the responsibility of the people “Robot”.

Recall that FIFA introduced the Referee Assistance System (VAR) in 2018, which allows referees to make decisions using video recordings.

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