Fearing for the lives of employees Unity has closed two

Fearing for the lives of employees, Unity has closed two offices

The management of Unity Technologies canceled a previously planned staff meeting and closed two offices – the company cited the threats received and the resulting fears for the lives of its employees as the reason. The conflict arose over the decision to introduce the Unity Runtime Fee Commission.

    Image source: unity.com

Image source: unity.com

In society “have learned of a potential threat to some of their offices.” And “immediately took preventive measures to ensure the safety of employees”– Quotes Bloomberg Statement from a Unity representative. Unity closed offices that may have been attacked on September 14th and 15th and began “cooperate fully with law enforcement.”.

The reason for public dissatisfaction was the company’s decision, announced on September 12, to launch the Unity Runtime Fee program – it provides for a new licensing system for games created on the Unity Engine platform. Starting January 1, 2024, game developers using the Unity engine will have to pay for each installation (above a certain threshold).

Game developers accused Unity of violating their own software licensing terms and warned that the new pricing system could threaten their existence. Many game studios issued sharp statements calling on the company to reconsider its decision.

Unity CEO John Riccitiello was scheduled to hold a meeting with company employees the day before, but the event had to be canceled as a precaution. Offices in Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California were closed.


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