Fast paced roguelike puzzler Desktop Dungeons is getting a 3D remake

Fast-paced roguelike puzzler Desktop Dungeons is getting a 3D remake soon

Developers at South African studio QCF Design, with the support of publisher Prismatika, have announced Desktop Dungeons: Rewind, a remake of their fast-paced roguelike puzzler, Desktop Dungeons.

    Image source: Prismatica

Image source: Prismatica

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind differs from the original game with three-dimensional graphics and the ability to rewind time (up to 40% of the dungeon is allowed to be repeated) if a fatal error occurs during the race.

Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is slated for release on the Steam digital distribution service (page already open) in the fourth quarter of the current year. The announcement was accompanied by a 1.5 minute trailer (attached below).

According to the plot of Desktop Dungeons, the player tries to create his own kingdom. In addition to cunning and human resources, the endeavor requires a large amount of gold. It is mined in local dungeons.

Levels in Desktop Dungeons: Rewind are randomly generated and literally heal: as you explore the location, the hero restores health and magicka. Daily online tests are also announced.

“Bargain with the gods, arm yourself with your spoon, and decide who to fight before you plunge into healing darkness. But be careful… there are a lot of monsters hiding there!” Warn developers.

Desktop Dungeons debuted on Steam in Fall 2013 (released version), and with the release of an improved edition in Spring 2015, it made its way to iOS, Android, and GOG. The game is distinguished by the short duration of the races (less than 10 minutes).

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