Fast and non volatile UltraRAM is one step closer to adoption

Fast and non-volatile UltraRAM is one step closer to adoption – the first manufacturer appears

Scientists from the British Universities of Lancaster and Warwick founded a startup Commercialize general-purpose memory that is faster than RAM and capable of storing data without power, such as flash memory. Memory called UltraRAM becomes the basis for instantly turning on computers and artificial brains.

    Image Credit: Quinas Technology

Image Credit: Quinas Technology

Quinas Technology was registered in early February 2023. The name Quinas was chosen from a combination of the words “quantum” and “indium arsenide”. UltraRAM memory works due to the effect of electron tunneling through the barrier into the memory cell and back, and indium arsenide is used as one of the base materials.

UltraRAM memory is being developed by physicists at Lancaster and Warwick Universities. The first scientific articles on the development appeared in Nature in 2019. A year ago, a working prototype of UltraRAM memory was created at the University of Warwick Manufacturing Lab to validate its performance. The technology was then ready for commercialization and a company was founded that could deal with the practical side of the topic.

With the founding of Quinas Technology, funds from investors and government programs flow into the development and improvement of UltraRAM memory. This, of course, makes it possible to accelerate the appearance of both pre-production and mass models, although this is not even a question of tomorrow. And yet, UltraRAM memory may one day be able to fill a niche between operational and persistent storage.

UltraRAM chips can store information for up to 1000 years and use 100 times less energy to rewrite each bit than DRAM and 1000 times less than NAND. Wear resistance will also be higher than that of NAND – at least 10 million erase cycles. Today, this memory is one step closer to mass adoption.

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