Far Cry 6 will take 39 GB on PlayStation 5 – 21 GB less than on PC

The PlayStation Game Size account author continues to find useful information in the PlayStation database. Recently he managed to find outhow much storage space is required on the PS5 version of Far Cry 6. Much less than on a PC, as it turns out.

Image source: PC Gamer

Image source: PC Gamer

Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world shooter weighs 38.9GB on the PlayStation 5. Some other new games, such as Tales of Arise and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, have been around the same size. But on personal computers Far Cry 6 will need 60 GB of storage space. This difference is provided by the Kraken compression technology of the PlayStation 5. It makes the PS5 versions of games less “heavy” than the Xbox Series X and PC. Users proved it back in May.

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