Facebook’s AI algorithm confuses black males with primates

One of the videos on The Daily Mail’s Facebook profile, which featured black men, was automatically flagged as a video of primates. Users noticed that the social network offers “Continue watching the video about primates”, which prompted the company to investigate and stop the corresponding algorithm. Facebook has already apologized, naming the incident. “Invalid error”

Image: Jim Wilson / The New York Times

Image: Jim Wilson / The New York Times

This is a video that appeared on the profile of The Daily Mail on June 27. It shows skirmishes between black men and white civilians and police officers. The video has nothing to do with primates. The company’s representatives conducted an investigation, as a result of which the functioning of the AI-advising algorithm was suspended.

“As we said, even though we are working to improve artificial intelligence, we know that it is imperfect and we still have a lot of work to do. We apologize to anyone who may have seen these offensive recommendations. “Facebook spokeswoman Dani Lever commented on this issue.

Image: The New York Times

Image: The New York Times

Note that Google, Amazon and other tech giants have been under scrutiny for years due to the bias in the algorithms they create, especially on racial issues. Research has shown that facial recognition technology is biased towards black people and has difficulty identifying them, which has led to several incidents where blacks have been discriminated against or needlessly arrested.

Cases like this have happened before. For example, in 2015, Google Photos flagged several pictures of black people as images of “gorilla”, for which Google had to apologize. At the same time, it was announced that the company would work to immediately fix the problem. More than two years later, it was determined that Google had resolved the issue by censoring the word “gorilla” in search queries, as well as partially blocking the words “chimpanzee” and “monkey.”

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