Facebook Research: Instagram Celebrity Content Causes Self-Esteem Problems for Users

According to internal research conducted by Facebook, the content shown on the Instagram accounts of many stars causes self-esteem problems for many of their followers. In particular, we are talking about Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Charli D’Amelio. New information raises new questions related to the impact of stars on online audiences.

Following the recent scandal over the negative impact of Instagram on the psyche of adolescents and subsequent Facebook maneuvers, the Wall Street Journal published data from the Social Comparisons on Instagram survey, which surveyed 100,000 people in the US, Australia in March and April 2020. and Brazil.

According to Facebook spokesman Kevin McAlister, respondents were not asked to name specific names, but it turned out that the accounts of the stars were “Some of the most viewed people who reported having more or less high levels of discomfort with social comparisons on Instagram.”… The company spokesman also noted that the results of the study matter, since each of these stars has more than 30 million subscribers.

Facebook researchers noted that the company can organize interactions with celebrities to reduce the intensity of negative comparisons. So, if the accounts of the singer Ariana Grande and the model Kendall Jenner influenced the self-esteem of users, then the accounts of The Ellen Show comedy talk show star Ellen DeGeneres, actor Will Smith and Brazilian footballer Neymar did not generate such negative emotions.

Results matter because it is Instagram at one time he contributed to the formation of a community of “media influencers” and made attempts to attract stars to promote the service. For example, acclaimed actor Ashton Kutcher helped the site gain credibility with other stars and introduced Grande’s company – according to the stories published in No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram.

According to the data obtained by journalists on the profiles of some Instagram employees on the LinkedIn network, the company has long been working with stars, musicians and other public figures in order to expand their presence on the social network. At the same time, the researchers found that the level of “negative comparisons” when viewing content directly depends on the number of materials appearing in the feed from the accounts of stars. At the same time, according to research data, almost half of the content viewed by the people surveyed is generated by them.

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