Facebook plans to hire ten thousand people in the EU to create a “metaverse”

The company Facebook announced its intention to attract thousands of people from the European Union to the development of its own version of the “Internet of the future”. Over the next five years, the EU plans to hire 10,000 people to develop the “metaverse” company. Other tech giants are also investing in creating their own versions of virtual infrastructure.

According to Facebook, the company intends to hire highly qualified specialists in the European Union. Personnel from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Holland and Ireland will play a priority role in the project. Facebook claims the region is extremely important to the company, with millions of local businesses using its apps and tools every day.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about his vision of the metaverse back in July. The term is used to describe digital worlds that humans will be able to interact with in a 3D environment, and is expected to be an alternative to the classic internet in the future. The company recently outlined the first step towards creating a metaverse by demonstrating a working application in which people can organize meetings in virtual reality.

Several other companies, including Microsoft, Roblox, and Epic Games, are investing heavily in building their own metaverse. In addition, it was not the best time for the company, as Facebook recently attracted a lot of US government attention thanks to the revelations of former employee Frances Haugen, who said that the company “values ​​astronomical profits more than people”, confirming this by some facts. This month, Hagen and another informant, Sophie Zhang, will also speak before the British Parliament, MEPs also intend to hear Hagen’s testimony as part of an independent process.

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