Facebook Meta is paying 90 million in a pre trial settlement

Facebook (Meta) is paying $90 million in a pre-trial settlement in an old lawsuit related to user surveillance

Facebook (Meta) agreed to pay $90 million in damages in a lawsuit filed about 10 years ago. The company has been accused of tracking users’ internet activity – even after they log out of the social network account and leave its website.

Image source: geralt/pixabay.com

Image source: geralt/pixabay.com

The preliminary contract requires the approval of the district judge in San Jose (USA). In addition, the company is obliged to delete unlawfully collected data. At one time, she was accused of using web tools that made it possible to track users when they visited the latest third-party websites, the pages of which had social networking “Like” buttons. The company allegedly created user profiles by selling information about them to advertisers.

The court previously dismissed the lawsuit in June 2017, but a decision by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated its review. The company denies causing the damage, but agrees to reach a settlement with the plaintiffs to avoid litigation costs and potential risk. As Meta said “For the good of our community and our shareholders, we’re happy to put this issue behind us.”

Under the terms of the agreement, between April 22, 2010 and September 26, 2011, United States Facebook users are entitled to compensation. who visited non-Facebook pages that had a “Like” button for the company. Plaintiffs’ attorneys are expecting a fee of 29% of the award ($26.1 million) – they have been suing since February 2012.

That’s not Facebook’s only problem with user rights violations. In July 2019, the social network was fined $5 billion by the US Federal Trade Commission for similar allegations. On Monday, a Texas prosecutor filed a lawsuit against Meta, accusing Meta of using facial recognition data without the Having collected permission from users.


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