Facebook is ready to disclose its algorithms to supervisors to prove they are harmless to users

Facebook VP Nick Clegg said the company is poised to become more open to regulators to prove that the algorithms it uses work as intended and do not harm users. Among other things, this implies that the company is ready to disclose its algorithms to the authorities.

Image: Bloomberg

Image: Bloomberg

The announcement marks the company’s next step towards mitigating the reputational damage caused by a series of statements from a former employee claiming that Facebook has long been aware of the harm that social network Instagram does to the psyche of teenagers. She also accused the social media giant of always prioritizing profit for the company over the well-being of its users.

“Algorithms should be held accountable if required by law, so that people can match what we say they should do with what actually happens.”, – cites the source of the words of Mr. Kegg. He also added that Facebook is ready to change the US law protecting companies from liability for content posted by users. In an interview with reporters, it was emphasized that Facebook welcomes the introduction of restrictive protective measures, “Provided that they use systems and policies the way they are supposed to.”

Kegg previously announced a number of new features soon, including a system that will encourage teens to take breaks from their Instagram interactions. The social network also intends to isolate teens from content that can harm their psyche.

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