Facebook has a secret program that allows celebrities to avoid moderation

Facebook has a secret program that frees famous users, including athletes and politicians, from their usual moderation process, according to The Wall Street Journal. Thus, the social network allows them to share posts, the publication of which would cause problems for ordinary users.

A program known as XCheck, or cross-validation, is supposedly designed to provide additional quality assurance regarding moderation when it comes to celebrity posts. Their entries must be sent to a team of specially trained moderators to ensure that Facebook rules are followed. The program reportedly has posted 5.8 million entries as of 2020.

But more importantly, only 10% of celebrity posts were actually moderated. Former US President Donald Trump and Senator Elizabeth Warren were among the users whose posts Facebook skipped without moderation, according to the report.

Facebook admits its criticism of XCheck is justified and says it is working to rehabilitate the program. The company says the system is designed to “strict adherence to policies regarding content that may require more understanding“. Facebook is currently working on a solution to the problems identified in XCheck.

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