Facebook executives show prototypes of future VR headsets

Mark Zuckerberg and the head of the Facebook team for virtual and augmented reality systems, who will become the company’s CTO, Andrew Bosworth, posted photos of new prototypes of VR headsets on social networks.

The headset in the photo with Zuckerberg looks very similar to the Oculus models already produced by the company. At the same time, the head of Facebook notes the so-called. Retina resolution, borrowing from Apple for a display that has such a high pixel density that individual dots are completely invisible from a working distance.

The display on Bosworth’s head looks more intriguing – judging by the sketches and descriptions that appeared on the Web at the level of rumors, it is very similar to Apple’s VR headset. Apart from Zuckerberg’s reference to Retina resolution, there is no data on the technical specifications of the models. It is possible that these are early examples with limited functionality.

Last month, Facebook teamed up with Ray Ban to launch smart glasses, calling it the next step towards a full-fledged augmented reality headset. Also, developers regularly publish information on the Web about prototypes that may never appear in stores. It is possible that by demonstrating new developments, Facebook’s top management is not promoting glasses and headsets themselves, but their own “metaverse”, which the company calls the next version of the Internet.

An HTC spokesman has already made fun of Bosworth by offering to exchange his sample, still in development, for a Vive Flow headset, already ready for commercial production. Her presentation will take place tonight. Of course, the Facebook spokesman restrainedly but decisively refused the “deal.”

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