Eye tracking in the PSVR 2 headset will significantly increase

Eye tracking in the PSVR 2 headset will significantly increase FPS in VR games on PlayStation 5

Sony’s gaming division is currently developing a next-generation virtual reality headset (PSVR 2) that will be designed for the PlayStation 5. The novelty was shown to journalists as part of the GDC conference. It also showed how game developers can take advantage of the user’s eye-tracking technology. In short, it increases FPS.

Sony has already announced that the PSVR 2 will be able to track the user’s gaze. Based on this, the so-called foveal rendering is implemented – an image construction method in which the maximum quality and detail of the image is provided only in the area of ​​the frame in which the player is looking. In the peripheral vision area, the rendering is of lower quality. This approach can improve performance significantly when implemented correctly.

According to Android Central, GDC has shown that GPU frame rendering is 3.6x faster when using foveal rendering with gaze tracking on PSVR 2. It was also noted that without gaze tracking, only foveal rendering (high quality in the center of the frame and blurring on the edge) increases speed by 2.5x. The latter approach is used in Quest VR headsets.

When running the VR Alchemy Lab demo with dynamic lighting and shadows on PSVR 2, the frame time was reduced from 33.2ms to 14.3ms due to foveal rendering. This allows you to achieve more than 60 FPS. In another 4K demo, performance was 32% faster and frame time was reduced from 14.3ms to 12.5ms.

PSVR 2 developers also noted that the headset will be able to “Gaze position and eye rotation, pupil diameter and blinking“. So you can implement approaches or controls in the interface – at a glance select the desired menu item. Or in this way it will be possible to take items with you in games.

Game developers can also detect that the player is looking at NPCs or even winking at them, allowing custom NPC responses to be programmed for those actions. Similarly, eye tracking can be used to aid in aiming when throwing an object.*to fly wherever the user is looking. In general, there are many ways to use eye tracking in games.


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