ExpressVPN denounces appointing a loser spy to executives at ExpressVPN

The recent scandal with one of the executives of the ExpressVPN VPN service, Daniel Gericke, has cast doubt on the company’s reputation. After the publication of the facts of his persecution by the American Department of Justice, the notorious Edward Snowden urged everyone to stop using ExpressVPN, and employees of the business itself almost rebelled at a scheduled online meeting with management.

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It is known that Guericke and two of his accomplices at one time came to the attention of the US Department of Justice for cooperation with the intelligence services of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They did not wait for an in-depth investigation, admitted their guilt, made a deal with the investigation and admitted to developing IT surveillance tools for the UAE, agreeing to pay a fine of more than a million dollars.

ExpressVPN officials said they knew about Guerick’s “secret” past, who had worked in various intelligence services for about 20 years. At the same time, any connection between his previous activities and the service itself was denied. However, former NSA employee Edward Snowden, who fled the United States, recommended on Twitter that no one else deal with the VPN service. It is possible that he knew Guericke from his previous job.

It is known that since August Guericke has been the CTO of ExpressVPN and does not intend to leave it. He has already addressed the employees by internal mail: “I can imagine that this kind of news can cause surprise and even discomfort.”… However, he stated that he used all his skills only to protect clients. However, this did not end there.

When the company’s management began to hold regular online Q&A meetings with employees, they began sending chat messages: “This episode undermined user confidence in our brand, regardless of the facts. How do we intend to restore our reputation? “

It is known that over 40 employees voted in support of this question – it became the most popular in the course of the online session. The management said they were unaware of the federal investigation and Guericke’s role in cooperation with the UAE intelligence services.

The second most popular question was the question about Guerick himself: “Personally, I cannot accept the fact of being hired Daniel, despite past circumstances. These are not small things that we can easily forget or accept. Does this go against everything ExpressVPN is fighting for? “ – asked another employee.

The company responded to Reuters. “It was only through a clear commitment and contribution to our mission that Daniel was able to achieve leading leadership positions in the company and the full confidence of its founders.”, – commented on the situation to ExpressVPN.


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