Experimental MSI laptop based on Intel Meteor Lake tested in

Experimental MSI laptop based on Intel Meteor Lake tested in Cinebench – the result is not very good yet

As previously reported, MSI presented the first Intel processor-based laptop from the upcoming Meteor Lake at its booth at Computex 2023. The laptop uses an early engineering sample of the processor that doesn’t even have an official name yet. It is not clear why MSI decided to show it, but the Wccftech portal managed to get to know it better.

    Image source: Wccftech

Image source: Wccftech

Wccftech journalists claim that they managed to install test software on the laptop and it took some time for MSI officials to pay attention. In particular, the HWiNFO monitoring program and the Cinebench synthetic test were installed on the system. Their introduction confirmed that the MSI notebook MSI Prestige 16 EVO/Studio is indeed equipped with a new generation Intel processor.

Third-party software has confirmed that the unnamed Meteor Lake P/H/U series chip has 6 high-performance and 10 low-power cores. Two of the ten energy-efficient cores are part of the processor’s SoC chip. The given technical example has a base frequency of 3.1 GHz and a turbo frequency of 4.2 GHz. In total, the chip received 1.6 MB of L1 cache, 18 MB of L2 cache and 24 MB of L3 cache.

The software also confirmed that the Meteor Lake processor comes with integrated Arc graphics on the Intel Xe-LPG architecture. The graphics core contains 128 execution units (1024 32-bit cores). In other words, it’s a mobile analog of the entry-level Arc A380 desktop graphics card.

It was also announced that the processor’s performance limits PL1 and PL2 are 15 and 28 watts, respectively. In the second case, the limit is dynamic and can be configured from 20 to 64 watts. According to HWiNFO, the technical example has a peak power of 121 watts.

The chip was also quickly tested in Cinebench R23, where it scored 4261 points in a multi-threaded test. Wccftech didn’t have time to test the single-threaded performance as MSI eventually determined that the notebook was being used in an unauthorized manner. It should be noted that the result of 4261 points in the multi-threaded test was achieved with only 21% utilization of the CPU. At that point, the processor was running at around 640 MHz on all cores. The series model of the processor will obviously be able to show a significantly higher performance. Taking into account the test conditions, the new product already showed a very impressive result, reaching the performance of older Intel Ice Lake models that were produced just a few years ago.

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