Executives flee Apple 11 people have left key positions

Executives flee Apple – 11 people have left key positions in recent months

Apple is facing unprecedented turnover in senior positions, writes Bloomberg. Between the second half of 2022 and today, about ten senior executives have left the company for one reason or another. Most of them have been with Apple for over 15 years.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

Most who have left Apple have been vice presidents. They were just below the level of senior vice president and reported to the company’s CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook). These were among the most important people in the company and were responsible for many of the core aspects of Apple’s business.

The publication notes that 11 people have left the company who were curators for areas such as industrial design, online store, information systems, cloud technologies, aspects of hardware and software development, privacy issues for users, sales in emerging markets, subscription services and purchases. Apple’s staff turnover in these areas was recently significantly higher than before. In recent years, a company could lose a vice president or two in a 12-month period.

There has also been an influx of new executives into the company, Bloomberg writes. In most cases, however, the departure of executives meant that Apple had to redistribute responsibility among those who remained. Thus, the vice president of the Apple online store Anna Matthiasson (Anna Matthiasson) was replaced by her direct deputy Karen Rasmussen (Karen Rasmussen). Responsibility for Tony Blevins, who was in charge of purchasing, was given to his colleague Dan Rosckes and assigned to David Tom as a subordinate. The role of VP Sales Hugues Asseman, responsible for Emerging Markets, was split between Managing Director India Ashish Chowdhary and Senior Director European Markets Juan Castellano.

Yannick Bertolus, Vice President of Hardware Integrity, has moved from his previous position to Deputy Tom Marieb as Executive Director of Hardware, Laura Legros. Software Vice President John Stauffer was replaced by two direct deputies, Jeremy Sandmel and David Biderman. The role of Apple Head of Services Peter Stern has been split between Apple Music VP Oliver Schusser, Head of Services Design Robert Kondrk and VP Corporate Development Adrian Perica. Michael Abbott will replace Michael Abbott’s vice president of cloud computing as Jeff Robbin, vice president of services development, effective April.

According to Bloomberg, the restructuring may affect not only senior positions, but also lower levels of the company. Apple sources also hinted that some executives at the director and senior director levels (levels below the vice president) may also retire in the near future.

The publication notes that the situation with staff turnover at Apple may be partly due to the growing responsibility of managers, the increase in bureaucracy at the company, as well as the specifics of internal politics and disagreements between departments caused by the redistribution funds for the Development.


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