Everyone can read tweets again Twitter has abolished mandatory authentication

Everyone can read tweets again: Twitter has abolished mandatory authentication

Just days after the social network Twitter required authentication to read tweets, the company quietly waived those restrictions. This means that links to messages on the social network can be opened directly in the browser, without registering with the service.

    Image source: PhotoMIX Company/pixabay.com

Image source: PhotoMIX Company/pixabay.com

When Elon Musk introduced such restrictions, he immediately stated that it was a temporary measure to prevent third-party companies from collecting data for the purpose of training AI models or manipulating public opinion. “It was a temporary emergency measure. Our data was stolen to such an extent that the quality of service for ordinary users of the website was affected.”— Musk wrote on a social network.

The company has not made any official announcements about allowing unauthenticated link previews and what steps it has taken to stop the data collection. Notably, Twitter made tweets free to read the day before meta* launched its own analogue of the social network – Threads.

Over the weekend, Musk also introduced a limit preventing unverified users from viewing more than 1,000 posts per day and 10,000 for verified users. New account owners could read 500 messages. In a blog post, the company said the new restrictions only affected a small number of Twitter users.

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