Every choice matters Weird West developers talked about the importance

“Every choice matters”: Weird West developers talked about the importance of decisions made

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer WolfEye submitted the fifth and final video from the Road to Weird West cycle dedicated to the main features of their action RPG Weird West.

    Image source: Devolver Digital

Image source: Devolver Digital

Weird West is set in a fantasy version of the Wild West. Players take on the role of five main characters (each with their own campaign) with intertwined destinies to uncover the mysteries of the game world.

The fifth edition of Road to Weird West was dedicated to the importance of choices in Weird West. The game remembers what is happening in each place and how the player behaved with this or that character: “Every choice counts”.

Recall that in the fourth episode of Road to Weird West they talked about crimes, enemies and allies, in the third – about battles, skills and stealth, in the second – about simulating the world, and in the first – about the interactivity of the environment.

Weird West will be released the day after tomorrow, March 31st, on PC (Steam, GOG), PS4 and Xbox One. The other day the game went to gold, so no transfers are expected. With the release of the project, the library of the Game Pass service (PC and Xbox) will be replenished.


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