European regulators are suing Twitter for launching Blue subscriptions without

European regulators are suing Twitter for launching Blue subscriptions without permission

The key feature of the Twitter Blue subscription advertised prior to its launch was the right to verify the account, giving it a “blue tick”. The European regulators in the field of personal data protection made a claim on the administration of Twitter when the Blue subscription began to spread in Europe without the permission of the relevant department.

    Image source: Dado Ruvic, Reuters

Image source: Dado Ruvic, Reuters

As noted ReutersTwitter Blue subscription some time ago was offered to users from several EU countries. In the US and some English-speaking countries, the subscription was launched last year. As explained by Commissioner Helen Dixon, Ireland’s head of data protection, Twitter’s Blue service has raised questions from local regulators about the account verification process.

The official is puzzled that the Twitter Blue subscription was offered in European jurisdictions before negotiations and approvals with local regulators were complete. A formal application has yet to be made, but Ms Dixon made it clear that it is common practice for companies to seek advice before launching the service and that it is “best practice”. In November, Dixon expressed concern that Twitter’s massive layoffs would prevent the company from fully complying with European privacy laws. Now a very strong leader is responsible for this direction on Twitter, but this does not give the company the right to neglect coordinating its actions with regulators, the official concluded.

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