European regulators are recommending Twitter to rely more on human

European regulators are recommending Twitter to rely more on human labor for content moderation

By September this year, all social networks operating in the jurisdiction of the European Union must bring their activities into compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA), otherwise their owners will be fined up to 6% of annual turnover on the world market . Local regulators recommended Elon Musk use more manpower to moderate content.

    Image source: Carina Johansen, NTB, Reuters

Image source: Carina Johansen, NTB, Reuters

As explained financial times, European regulators are not entirely happy with Twitter’s policy of using the labor of a few volunteers to moderate content, and the desire to replace them with artificial intelligence algorithms. European officials believe that Twitter should hire more professional moderators and pay attention to checking information disseminated by the social network’s pages.

In recent discussions with European officials, Twitter officials welcomed the practice of using volunteer moderators as part of the Community Notes policy, but were told that there were not enough such volunteers to effectively combat the spread of disinformation. Additionally, effectively moderating content in languages ​​other than English remains a challenge. European Commission officials expressed hope that the platforms will ensure the allocation of adequate resources to align their activities with the requirements of regional legislation. According to officials, employing a sufficient number of employees is one of the keys to success in this field.

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